freebitcoin faucet

Freebitcoin is one of the oldest and best paying faucets out there. 


Beside the faucet it offers many other features, including a "Multiply BTC" game, a lottery and a betting game. You can also receive compounded daily interest on the balance you hold on the site. 

These are the possible payouts. They vary heavily though, depending on the current Bitcoin price. 


The 10000 roll always pays around 200$, all the other payouts adjust according to it. 



Additionally to these hourly payouts you get so called "Reward Points" and lottery tickets.





You can win upto 0.8 BTC (sometimes even more) every week if your ticket wins the main prize. There are other prizes for nine other people though they can win half of the amount of BTC that person one rank higher won.  Also don't forget the weekly wagering and referring contest that pays 10000$ to the first place.

Also don't forget to check out the rewards, they are really nice!

freebitcoin rewards